Rusty Cactus Studio

Fine Art & Design by Lisa Jepson


I have been drawing, painting and designing for as long as I can remember. I work from my studio at the bottom of Mount Grey in rural North Canterbury, working mainly with acrylics, oils and pencils.

My specialty is Architectural and Landscapes, and am currently undertaking commission work. If you are looking for a painting of your home then please feel free to contact me to discuss your thoughts.

Fine Art & Design by Lisa Jepson

More about myself

I've spent many years working with children at home and in schools, painting murals and theatre sets, as well as practicing skills in drawing and pencil.

Over the past few years I have been working professionally, exhibiting in galleries, painting landscapes, seascapes, and bush scenes, but have always had a deep fascinantion with architecture and man-made structures.

I have had training in Practical Art, Technical Drawing and History of Art, but I am mostly self-taught.

I have a strong love for my work, devoting countless hours. Art for me is like a fire that won't go out, as many would understand.


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